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We produce fresh and frozen Yukon Kings as well as a full line of smoked salmon products. Our smoked salmon includes a variety of gift packs. Because the Yukon salmon are so oil rich, they produce a smoked fish unlike any other.

Our wholesale salmon products are sold by distributors across the country. Our smoked fish can also be purchased on our on-line store.

Want to know more about the world's finest Yukon King Salmon? Contact us directly for information on becoming one of our distributors. Or if you would like more information on our smoked fish, just send us an email.

General Inquiries: contactus@borealfish.com

Commercial/Wholesale: Yukonkings@aol.com
or call 253.847.3474

September – April

Post Office Box 561
Graham, WA 98338
253.847.3474 (253.VIP.FISH)

May – August

Post Office Box 89
St. Mary's AK, 99658